Discover TOTAL’s Passenger Car
Performance Engine Oils and Lubricants

The innovative Quartz Product Range was developed using TOTAL Specialties’ cutting edge technology. All Quartz 9000 and INEO products are fully synthetic lubricants that have been designed to meet the stringent performance requirements of today’s automotive OEMs and engine manufacturers. Whatever level of performance your vehicle or driving habits demand, the TOTAL Quartz range can satisfy and exceed your requirements!

The Classic Product Range, our conventional engine oil line, was formulated using advanced technology designed to meet and exceed today’s most recent gasoline engine lubrication international standards. Through TOTAL’s commitment to offering a complete product line, the Classic product range was developed in order to provide comprehensive coverage for all types of gasoline engines.

To complement our complete line of performance engine oils, we also offer high-quality transmission fluids, coolants and other specialty products.